An inner education: the role of education in self-knowledge

“To understand life is to understand ourselves, and that is both the beginning and the end of education.” Jiddu Krishnamurti

It’s interesting that the roots of words often carry with them the roots of important reflections in their fields.  Knowing the origin of a specific word can open the door to uncovering some of your deepest conflicts.

Recently, in my studies on the role of education, I became curious about understanding  the origin of the word “educate.” To educate comes from the Latin educare, educere, formed by the union of the prefix ex – “outside” – and of the word ducere – “to lead” or “to take”. That is, to educate is to lead out, to prepare for the world and for life. Expand our looks beyond our family nucleus.

Learning this was a “eureka!” moment for me, as if it helped me understand a source of discomfort that had always lived inside me, but that I had not ever been able to verbalize.  It was then that I realized that my discomfort was not necessarily with the current education system, but perhaps in the very concept of education and its social function.

Is it possible to look out without looking in? Is it possible to present the diversity of the world to children without presenting the diversity of their inner universe? How to lead someone to the “outside” without being fully present “inside”? What is outside and what is inside?

These questions may seem “out there,” but I think they are essential reflections if we are to rethink the role and model of education today. In my reflections I have come to feel that these issues are the main conflicts and current challenges of basic education.

The social function of the school is to prepare the new generations for the world and for life, and it is good that we have the alternative of a space like this. But what is our life if not the fruit of our experiences? Our attitude in the face of events that unfold over time? Our relationships and the encounters we have on the way? Our emotions, sensations, intuitions and thoughts? It is in this constant interaction between “inside” and “outside” that life happens.

Considering that our external experiences are fruits of our inner reality, it is essential that the school space allows the students the knowledge of their body, their thoughts and their emotions, thus enabling the integral development of being and the full realization of their potential.

Our contemporary education system, based on influences of the industrial mechanistic era, in many situations is geared towards training for work and organized in a standardized and standardized way. This model does not approach the human being in an integral way, disregards the diversity and uniqueness of each child and generates internal conflicts, learning problems, emotional disturbances and stress in children and adolescents. These mental, physical, and emotional patterns developed in childhood will be lifelong charged, generating future challenges for the balance and happiness of these students.

Throughout the history of mankind, many sages, from Socrates to Buddha, affirmed the importance of knowing oneself as the first and only step towards understanding the universe and life. It is necessary to reflect on the role of education and school in this process. Is it possible to facilitate the students’ self-knowledge process from the beginning of their life?

I believe that it is.  And not only is it possible, it is necessary! I am inspired by the work and studies of thousands of people who are already proposing and implementing new alternatives in education that value the inner gaze, integral development of students, development of socio-emotional skills, self-knowledge and spirituality.

I am challenging myself to deepen my studies and map inspirational references in inner education processes in the coming months.

Let’s go together? With one eye turned in and the other turned out, always.  🙂

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