Inkiri School | Piracanga

The Inkiri School, recognized by the Ministry of Education as one of the most creative and innovative education projects in Brazil, is an educational space for early childhood and elementary education located in the Inkiri Piracanga community in Bahia, Brazil.  This school is inserted into a very particular context, and the school is therefore of a particular nature.  It is important to understand this as we get to know this school better.

What is the Inkiri Piracanga community?

Inkiri Piracanga is a community located on the Peninsula of Maraú, committed to “recognize and manifest the Love and Truth that exists in us, in all places.” An ambitious and very beautiful dream, is it not?

Inkiri Piracanga is a community dedicated to self-knowledge, with over 25 different projects committed to this dream. There thousands of people also pass through, taking part in courses, retreats, immersions etc.

If you are curious to know more about the community, I recommend taking a look at their website. It explains things well and has great videos and photos.

And it is in this context that the Inkiri School exists…

Within this community context, a few years ago, the Inkiri School was born – a special space for children’s development in the community – and a priority for all those living there.

The School functioned as a “life school” (“escola viva” in Portuguese) for a long time, inspired by Ivana Jauregui (one of the founders of the school who is no longer there).

Today the school follows a different dynamic, which they present in the site as Organic Pedagogy and has several influences. One of the main influences is pedagogy by projects, inspired by the Portuguese educator José Pacheco and Gaia Education, an organization focused on sustainability.

At the Inkiri School you will not find conventional classrooms, subjects, or classes.  Children are organized by cycles, which are multi-age groups determined by the stage of their development and by their level of autonomy. Learning takes place through projects around themes chosen by the children themselves and tutored by the educators – who have the great challenge of balancing the themes of the curricular foundation within the themes selected by the children. The school has around 25 children and 4 educators, which allows for very close and attentive work according to the reality of each child.

The school routine also provides plenty of free time for children to develop their skills, interests, play and explore the incredible school space around them, full of nature, different play objects and harmony. The space caught my attention so much that I made a video (in a hurry) so that you could feel the lightness of space. Look below. ❤

The children stay in school in the morning, have lunch there too (which is a very special educational moment), and after a free time with their family they return in the afternoon for activities conducted by a learning community (ex: their parents and locals). They are diverse activities that expand the children’s horizon and allow the development of their gifts and talents, such as ceramics, theater, circus, spirituality, French, arts, nature, sports, etc.

In the last part of 2017 I had the chance to follow the school very closely, volunteering as an educator for 10 weeks. It was an important and profound experience for me and I will share the learning and reflections – which are not few – in the next posts.

If you’ve become interested in learning more about the school, take advantage of the fact that they are arranging a beautiful immersion at the school next month. Look here.


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