MIRAGE: Art-exhibition from high school students

This week I saw in the Auroville News & Notes newspaper that Last School (a high school here) was hosting an art exhibition, organized by students who were finishing their senior year at school.

The youth always intrigues me and throughout this journey, I have been impressed by the power of artistic expression in this phase of life. Youth is an intense bubbling of emotions, misjudgement, dreams, reflections. We all went through it, but not all of us had instruments to express the tsunami that came across us. I have realized that art is a good way to do this!

In phases of intense studies, exames, tests, the schools that manage to keep the art pulsating in the daily routine of the students seem to me to be contributing much to the inner health of these young people and also contributing to the expression of such beautiful emotional universes. It is a privilege for the whole community to be able to know what pulsates in the feelings and thoughts of the young people of a time, ins’t it?

I was quite touched by the artistic expressions of Anna-Maria, Bhavyo, Nahar, Priyamvadam and Sai and by the way they decided to end this cycle of their school life. I thank them for the gift and I share with you a little bit of what I received on the pics bellow. Don’t miss to read the texts of each student, presented in the folder below. They are as rich as the works on display.

For those who work with young people, keep in mind the idea of using and abusing of artistic expression as a means of materializing their complex inner universes. And an installation like this to close their school life seems like a pretty idea to me. 🙂

Let us continue expressing ourselves.

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