What have I learned from Auroville Kindergarten?

One of the main challenges of my current journey is that at the same time that I feel invited to learn to open myself completely for each new space, school and relationship (which I found out to be a easy task for me), I am also invited to learn how to say goodbye, to allow the movements to happen and to transform the presence into a lovely memory (and that I found out to be really painful for me).

With this farewell melancolic energy last week I said goodbye to Auroville Kindergarten. It was three months of a lot learnings, questionings, discoveries, connections, that is really difficult to summarize what I have learned there.

Anyway I challenged my self to try to find the deepest valuable learnings I am taking from this place and from the children I had been in contact there. I have spent the last weeks filtering my memories and putting this learning on paper, also because I wanted to “give back” and show the school staff the lessons they have shared with me, even unconsciously about it. To spend sometime reflecting, filtering, writing and coloring what I am taking from here is my way to show my gratitude to have been so well received.

I am sharing below the result of this process: the six main lessons about education and about the childhood universe that I am carrying with me from now on.


What have learned from Auroville Kindergarten?


The child’s soul is aiming for the freedom to explore and create the world as well as for the boundaries to feel safe and at home in it. Only by the balance between limits and space, guidance and liberty, can a child flourish in her potential.


A child needs a pause before every movement. The small pauses are gifts to help her understand the flow of life, adjust her energy to the next movement, listen to the always present silence and not to be lost in her ungoverned body impulses. Before starting, one should always pause.


A child is an open channel to creative energy, but she needs space and stimulus to learn how to express it in this world’s material languages. Every opportunity to share her own stories, dreams, images and movements are precious moments to establish the connections between mind and matter, divine and human energy.


The nature of life is a nature of cycles. A child must not be prevented from experiencing the cyclic rhythm of time from an early age. The cycles of days, weeks and years must be presented to the child and experienced by her with joy and emphasis, as a glimpse of human nature total Truth.


Above all a child should always feel safe and open to tell the truth, independently of the social acceptance of her behaviour. The truth is an open gate for the healthy blossom of values and character, that must never be shutted. An environment free from judgement, criticism, scolding and reactions is the fertile soil for the sustenance of the truth.   


The child is highly sensitive to her surroundings and can be easily affected by the energy of the organization of material things around her. The loving preparation of the environment, the delicate decorations, the beauty of the natural elements and the perfect organization of the materials, are all relevant influences that benefit the blooming of the inner balance of a centered child.

May we keep learning and growing. ❤

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