Green School: what is it and what am I doing here?

I arrived at Green School for a short and intense visit. 🙂 I will expend some days here to participate on an immersion for educators, called “Green Educators”.

Before I enter the intense workshop routine, which starts tomorrow, I decided to share a little bit what this place is about and what will I be doing here. During the workshop, if I find some breaks, I will share the fresh learnings from our activities.

What is Green School?

Green School is a school founded in Bali (Indonesia) in 2006, with the mission of being “a community of learners making our world sustainable”. For my first impressions here, the word school seems to be a little limited for what is manifested in this place. The campus is big, all made of bamboo, and the limits between the school, the jungle and the community are not so clear (which I find beautiful!).

They present themselves as “a school without walls, a campus which ignites the senses and the natural curiosity of children, a place where innovation, creativity and learning flourish, a community, which has come together from all corners of the globe to share new experiences, a place of joy.”

It is worth taking a look at the video below to understand better what are they talking about:


I got here in the middle of the weekend, so the school is not ‘functioning’ and the spaces are not in their natural arrangement, but anyway, I couldn’t resist sneaking into the campus to check the place. Here are some of the initial picture I have taken:


Green Educator: Wall-less-ness

The workshop I will participate is a 4 days program, for educators from allover the world, with the main topic of “Wall-less-ness”. The idea is to reflect together about the conception on an education without walls, without real physical walls on its architecture, but also without our symbolic internal walls and the walls we create in our relationships.

The agenda is intense and includes knowing the school, its history, its principles; reflecting on concepts as school architecture, wall-less-ness education, compass model, mindfulness; getting to know and exchange among each other; interacting with local community and projects.

Below a small video about the last year same workshop. Seams really nice, doesn’t it?


And for those of you who are interested, they have an online free content/ course about the same topic  (Wall-less-ness), simple and short. Here in this link.

Let the next days come! 🙂


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