The day she met the fear

Once upon a time there was a girl. She was singing as if life was a dance of musical notes. While the notes were hopping out of her mouth, she distracted herself watching the green parakeets fly happily from tree to tree, bathed in the bright yellow of the sunset.

Once upon a time there was also a bike. The bike floated with her along the dirty road, as if her role was to find the right speed for the breeze to flutter the girl’s hair and caress her face. As if the encounter of breeze, musical notes and parakeets summed up the whole meaning of life.

Once upon a time there was the turn, which was just another dance step on their way – by they I mean the girl, the musical notes, and the bicycle. Busy with the parakeets and the breeze, they all entered the wrong side of the small dirt road, cycling in the wrong direction. Distracted, but not less agile, the girl soon realized the mistake and fell into a delicious laugh. ‘Oh my, how can I mistake the sides of the every-day-dirty-road?’

On that instant her thoughts communicated with her floating body, ordering to start – in that same instant – the task of turning the bicycle handlebars quickly to remedy the small mistake with lightness and laughter. It was a simple task, she already had experience in making movements, laughter, breeze and parakeets fit in the same instant.


Emmanuelle Colin’s illustration (

So it was in that same moment that her eyes met the Older-Lady eyes.

The meeting was so intense that everyone was gone. The laughter, the breeze, the lightness, the parakeets, the thoughts and the movement. The Older-Lady’s eyes occupied so much space that there was no room left for anyone else.

The Older-Lary was coming – slowly and determinedly – in the other direction of the dirt road. That is, they met face to face. The presence of the girl in front of her was such an absurdity for her thoughts that her gaze could no longer fit in her body and her eyes advanced towards the girl. Physically they were not so close, but in the gaze, one entered inside the other.

On that instant, the girls could not find anyone else. No lightness, no breeze, no parakeets, no movements, not even herself.

She lost the memory, the reflex, and lost even the balance.

On that instant, she froze.

On that instant, she put her feet on the floor.

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