The in(tention) of the (un)meeting

– Hi

Said the bright, shrewd eyes that stretched discreetly out of the hole.


Intrigued, the eyes saw only a horizon of holes, with no other eyes popping out. Was he alone? Were the others on the underside of the hole? Confused by the uninhabited infinity, he returned inside the hole.

– Hi

IMG_20180920_164435It was a new attempt of meeting, expressed by the curious eyes peeking out of the hole.


Were there any others? The possibility of not existing anyone else was frightening. The absence of others would surely nullify the presence of his own self. But why should there be so many holes if it were not to be inhabited? His gaze dropped with fear and he slipped into the hole again.

– Hi / Hi

His eyes were curious and already wide as he heard an echo of his own calling. He was not alone. On the horizon, about seven holes away, he could see the silhouette of a timid, scared eye that risked exposing only the top of its silhouette out of the hole.


They looked at each other for a moment. Scared. Intrigued. Confused. They looked so much alike to be different eyes. Was it really another one? Was it just a reflection of a mirror? But the sound of their voices had enunciated that there were two. Or were they imagining things in the eagerness to deny the emptiness of infinity?

Better to test again:

– Hi / Hi

Wide-eyed by surprise of confirmation, they froze looking at each other. The lack of vocabulary to give continuity to the meeting was too paralyzing. The possibility of the meeting was too frightening.


The two pair of eyes slipped  back into the hole simultaneously.

The presence of others would surely nullify the presence of his own self.

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