There are schools around the world that are committed to new possibilities for human development.
For them each and every child has an innate potential that has the right to be developed in its entirety and with freedom. All voices matter – especially the interior ones – the human being must be considered in its complexity and completeness, and love is the main path to learning.
To me, these schools are the nursery of a new world. They are the urgent hope of a different society, based on empathy, peace, love, collaboration and integrity. The small seeds that grow in these environments will be fruit trees nurturing the future of humanity.
And that journey is about this: the intention to visit and feel these places, to be deeply touched and internally transformed by these experiences, to be inspired and to share, to act, to promote and to help to grow new perspectives for education.
I will spend more than a year working as a volunteer in these schools, staying at least one quarter in each of them. It is a way and a time for me to (re)discover, (re)build and (re)create myself in these spaces, for who knows… in the future I might be able to collaborate with new constructions around me.
Throughout the journey I am posting some thoughts here. The idea is not to write too much, to maintain the quality of my presence wherever I go, but to write enough not to keep the beauty of what I learn to myself.
I am grateful for your openness and interest in reading this blog and hope that we can meet along the way.
Click here to find out which schools I’ve been to.
Téia Capitanio