MIRAGE: Art-exhibition from high school students

This week I saw in the Auroville News & Notes newspaper that Last School (a high school here) was hosting an art exhibition, organized by students who were finishing their senior year at school. The youth always intrigues me and throughout this journey, I have been impressed by the power of artistic expression in this … Continue lendo MIRAGE: Art-exhibition from high school students

Play learning and learn playing

"In play, children construct their spatial relationships, their domains of actions, sensorial-motor configurations (Gestalts) that - in the manner of operations with relationships and actions - we see emerge as if they, children, give origin to them, operating in the interior of their minds. " (Humberto Maturana and Gerda Verden-Zoller, in "Amar e Brincar", p. … Continue lendo Play learning and learn playing